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S75 Solar Energizer System - 0.75 Joule

S75 Solar Energizer System - 0.75 Joule

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0.75 Joule output . No load voltage = 7,000 . 500 ohm load voltage = 5,000 . Input voltage: 12 DC . Current consumption: 0.073 mA

The Field Guardian S75 solar electric fence charger is a 0.75 Joule model that runs on a self-contained 5-Watt solar panel that recharges a 12-Volt DC battery. It is great for smaller areas up to about 3 acres or a small number of livestock. It is made to mount to the top of a wood post. A simple but very powerful fence charger designed to deliver power for your fence even under a heavy load (brush and undergrowth). Field Guardian chargers are some of the most powerful chargers manufactured with excellent built in lightning protection, both external (glass fuses) and internal (surge protection board). All models are all low impedance and have a bright light indicator that blinks with each pulse of power and has a distinctive click that lets you know that it is working. Each model comes with extra fuses to help reduce repair time and costs after the fence has been hit by lightning.

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