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Microfiber Floor Finishing System

Microfiber Floor Finishing System

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  • $ 16716

Foam-lined microfiber pads soak up more finish than standard mop heads while providing better liquid-release control . Angled, washboard-surfaced bucket wall simplifies excess finish removal . Bucket's lip-mounted handle-sized notches keep mops upright and ready for use . Specially designed for smooth, even application . Includes one Q930 microfiber finish bucket, one Q560 18 in. quick-connect frame and six Q800 18 in. microfiber finish pads

Minimize the potential for contamination by dedicating a color-coded system for floor finishing tasks. Kit includes: finish pads, mop head frame and a lid-equipped bucket that doubles as a protective kit container. When used in combination with quick-connect handles (sold separately), each piece works together to ensure smooth and even finish application.

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