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36 in. x 150 ft. Crackstop Wall Repair Fabric

36 in. x 150 ft. Crackstop Wall Repair Fabric

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  • $ 4997

Strong fiberglass mesh reinforces old plaster walls against recurring spider-web or alligator cracking . Compatible with most plaster, drywall, spackling and stucco material . Self adhesive for easy application to walls and ceilings . Requires only a thin finish coat . Recommended for reinforcing cinder block walls and paneling

FibaTape Repair Fabric has a convenient, self-adhesive design and is recommended for reinforcing and repairing plaster walls. It is 36 in. wide and made of strong fiberglass mesh to help prevent spider-web or alligator cracking. This repair fabric saves time and labor involved in tearing out old plaster and inserting new extension jambs on doors and windows.

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