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2 Gal. Vacation FlexCoat Brush on Foundation Coating

2 Gal. Vacation FlexCoat Brush on Foundation Coating

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Protects and beautifies foundation insulation, ICF and other surfaces . Helps control moisture . Blocks ultraviolet rays . Adheres to most materials, offering numerous use options . Apply with a stiff bristle brush . Pre-mixed, all-in-one primer, base and finish coat . Available in a variety of colors . Wont' chip or flake and is extremely flexible . 100% acrylic, environmentally safe and non-toxic

Protect and beautify your foundation insulation or ICF, (Insulated Concrete Forms), by applying FlexCoat 80 SF 2 Gal. Foundation Coating. The coating protects the rigid foam insulation board or ICF from U.V. exposure and light physical damage. The coating can also be used to create attractive brush like or swirl finishes on concrete, brick or masonry walls or to finish drywall without the hassle of mudding. The coating also helps control moisture.

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