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Forsnter Bit Set (16-Piece)

Forsnter Bit Set (16-Piece)

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Ideal for drilling flat bottom holes, pocket holes, or overlapping holes . Set contains all 16 of Diablo's forsnter bits from 1/4 in. to 2-1/8 in. diameter . Steep, angled cutting edges produce smooth; flat holes and create chisel-like curls for fast; clean chip removal . Ultra-sharp spur guarantees an accurate hole without walking on the material . For use with drill presses and hand held drills

Diablo's 16-Piece high-speed steel forsnter bit set drills straight, angled and overlapping flat bottom holes in all types of wood. Forged construction of the hardened steel body for a longer bit life and a sharper cutting edge. These bits feature a double-ground serrated edge for less splintering and chipping.

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