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RainStation Rain Barrel Replacement Seals

RainStation Rain Barrel Replacement Seals

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  • $ 399

Includes 2 threaded seals . Replace fittings after winterizing your rain barrel is recommended preventative maintenance . Seal fits the 1.2 in. in diameter holes that are pre-drilled in EarthMinded rain barrels . Remove the old seals when the barrel is drained, by pressing them into the barrel . These seals do not fit EarthMinded DIY rain barrel kit

Get your rain barrel running like new again with new threaded seals for the spigot and drain fittings on all EarthMinded rain barrels. Exposure to the elements can cause the seals to lose their elasticity. These seals are easy to replace, when the barrel is empty, press the old seals into the barrel and remove, install the new seals as per the originals (instructions attached).

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