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RainRouter Multifunction Diverter System

RainRouter Multifunction Diverter System

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Divert water from the roof to gardens, ponds, fountains, new plantings, etc. . Using the RainRouter, rain barrels can now be located to a more convenient location such as the center of a garden using a garden hose to connect to the downspout (hose not included) . Connect 2 rain barrels to a single downspout for added water conservation (kits includes 2 rain barrel fill hoses) . Kit includes: flexifit diverter, winter cover, selector valve, 2 accordion fill hoses, 2 multi-hose adaptors, hole saw set and illustrated user guide . Flexifit diverter reduces overflows when properly installed . Multi-hose adaptors work with EarthMinded fill hose or standard 1-1/4 in. and 1-1/2 in. bilge hose . Works with standard 2 in. x3 in. and 3 ft. x 4 in. rectangular downspouts - water capture rate is reduced with 3 ft. x 4 in. downspouts, round downspout diverter an available accessory

A complete rainwater diverter system for use with rain barrels and garden hose irrigation. The RainRouter selector valve is easy to install to the downspout, the selector valve has two outlets to send rainwater to multiple collection sites; connect a garden hose and a rain barrel, or two rain barrels, to a single downspout. Now you can send rainwater directly from the downspout to where you need it using a standard garden hose or bilge hose (hose not included).

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