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EZ-One Woodworking Center

EZ-One Woodworking Center

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  • $ 1,19900

For use with right or left hand blade saws . For blade sizes up to 8-1/4 in. diameter . Safely performs the cuts of a panel saw, table saw, and miter saw . No need for jigs to perform difficult cuts . Capable of making cuts that would be dangerous with other tables . Materials are held securely and never pushed against cutting tool . Fully adjustable “open top” design allows for multiple configurations . Bridge secures materials of any size or shape for cutting . All cuts are safe, precise and chip free . Made from high grade aluminum . Proudly made in the USA

The EZSMART EZ-One Woodworking Center can break down sheet goods like a panel saw, make repeat cuts like a table saw, and cut to length like a miter saw. Through the use of the “Dead Wood” concept, a method of working where you are not pushing materials against the forces of a spinning blade, bit, or knife, all cuts are made safely and without tear-out or kick-back. The unique patented B300 Bridge System raises and lowers the track with the saw in place, allowing the wood to slide easily under the bridge and be positioned by the precision stops for repeatable accuracy. The wood can also be set at any angle without the threat of a kick-back, large pieces, small pieces, and even odd shaped pieces can be held in place safely and securely. As the patented B300 Bridge System is lowered, the EZSMART Guide Rail acts as a very large clamp and holds the wood firmly in place while you make cross cuts, rip cuts, narrow cuts, and beveled cuts. This ability to make almost any cut safely and accurately sets the EZ-One Woodworking Center apart from any other sawing method. Manufactured using industrial quality anodized aluminum with a limited lifetime warranty against defects and offering a small footprint at an affordable price, you can grow this into your ultimate Woodworking Center with the EZSMART range of tools and accessories.

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