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Supreme on Demand 8.2 GPM 165,000 BTU Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater

Supreme on Demand 8.2 GPM 165,000 BTU Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater

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A 8.2 GPM tankless water heater at a 35°F temperature rise can provide enough hot water for up to a 4 bath home . Natural gas tankless water heaters offer the less expensive operating cost verse electric water heaters . No stand-by energy loss or recovery time necessary; a tankless water heater heats water as it passes through a heat exchanger eliminating the need to continuously reheat a tank of water . 5 year warranty on heat exchanger and 1 year limited warranty on parts . Energy factor is 0.88 . Standard concentric vent system (collar, elbow, and 31 in. termination) is free of charge; additional components may be purchased at minimal cost . Due to intake air flowing through the outer chamber, the exterior surfaces of the flue are cooled by the incoming combustion airflow; in addition to a much cooler flue pipe exterior, the intake air is taken from outside the home . Please note: this heater must vent horizontally (typically through an exterior wall); with this simple system, there is no need for a roof rain cap, complicated condensation drain, anti-freeze/back-draft trap door, or room air cubic feet calculations . Low water pressure ignition; the heater can function at water pressure as low as 8 psi; making this unit suitable for users living at high altitude or those using well water with older or less powerful pumping systems . Key-touch water temperature settings and on-off switch with easy to understand advanced technology display . Electronic control system via computer chip is advanced and extremely reliable; this "no pilot light" design is safe and convenient, using automatic ignition to further your energy savings . Aesthetically pleasing and simple-small design features make this unit easy to use and install as well as unobtrusive if located within view of working or living spaces

The EZ Tankless Supreme NG 8.2 GPM, 165,000 BTU Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater is designed to supply continuous hot water for up to 4 bathrooms at the same time. It heats water only when it's needed and features a 0.88 energy factor. It utilizes a digital thermostat that can be easily set by any member of the house. This heater's direct-vent design utilizes a stainless steel concentric vent (included in purchase price) and allows for a very easy installation with horizontal venting. This model can be used at elevations up to 9,840 ft. above sea level.

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