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Super Smart Routing Kit

Super Smart Routing Kit

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  • $ 20900

Glides smoothly along guide rail . Extends 11 in. perpendicular to the guide rail . Make straight, uniform fluted columns . Create long, clean dado cuts . Precise dovetails . Duplicate odd shapes . Create sweeping arcs . Control X, Y and Z movement

A router is 1 of the most versatile power tools available, to unleash its full potential you need to be able to control the power of the spinning bit, and the EZSMART Super Smart Routing Kit gives you this control. You will be able to make straight and uniform fluted columns, long and clean dado cuts, precise sliding dovetails, repeatable mortise and Tenon joinery, sweeping arcs, and duplicate odd shaped pieces. The EZSMART Super Smart Routing Kit guides the router parallel to the track, the “X” axis, and utilizes precision stops for repeat work. The same applies for work perpendicular to the track, where the EZSMART Super Smart Routing Kit employs its own section of track to guide the router along the “Y” axis. Additionally, the height of the router plate is adjustable providing the “Z” axis. Using the provided limit stops to control movement in each of these directions of travel allows you to achieve accurate, repeatable “CNC” quality results. The EZSMART Super Smart Routing Kit is compatible with the Festool and Makita Track Systems.

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