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Express HDMI In-Line Dolby Down Mix Adaptor with Stereo Audio Out and Scaling Function

Express HDMI In-Line Dolby Down Mix Adaptor with Stereo Audio Out and Scaling Function

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Affordable in-line scaling solution for installations including 4K and HD displays without compromising source resolution . 4K/30p greater than 1080/24p downscale - to enable 1080p screens to view 4K sources through a 4K matrix system . 1080/24p greater than 4K/30p upscale - for connection to 4K screens . Supports resolutions up to 4096 x 2160p at 24/25/30Hz . Full 3D support up to 1080p/24 Hz . Down mix incoming Dolby Digital to stereo PCM audio where required through HDMI output . Supports up to 6 channels (up to 5.1 surround) of audio encoded in Dolby Digital . Low-latency digital filtering . Manufactured under license from Dolby laboratories . Accepts uncompressed digital audio input signals . Audio breakout for stereo audio . Includes digital interpolation filter . Auto-samples at frequencies of 32, 44.1 and 48 KHz . Supports audio signals up to 24 bit with sampling rates up to 192 KHz . THD+N (total harmonic distortion plus noise) rating: -93 dB . Switchable input selection for video/audio scaling or signal pass-through . Equalizes and boosts HDMI signal for longer distance transmissions . Compact design, LED power indication . High Quality Protection Plan:

The WyreStorm EXP-CON-4K-DD is an in-line audio video scaler that sits between a display receiver and screen at a display zone to automatically scale up 1080/24p HD video content to UltraHD resolutions up to 4096 x 2160/30p for viewing on 4K displays or scale back UHD 4K/30p transmissions to 1080/24p if that's all the display is capable of. Furthermore, the addition of Dolby down mix to stereo PCM functionality in the EXP-CON-4K-DD means multichannel audio up to 5.1 can be distributed to zones that support and automatically scaled down to compatible stereo PCM audio without sacrificing the integrity of the transmission. After examining source transmission and maximum resolution of the connected display, the EXP-CON-4K-DD can either pass-through audio and video signals for compatible devices, upscale HD content to UltraHD resolution for connection to the latest 4K screens or downscale UltraHD content to 1080p for viewing on existing HD displays. Additionally, EXP-CON-4K-DD Dolby Digital audio down mixing to stereo PCM enables video signal pass-through and scaling functions whilst down mixing audio should the screen not support multichannel audio, with audio also extractable via the 3.5 mm jack port. Effectively, the combination of a system comprising of an WyreStorm UltraHD 4K matrix switcher with EXP-CON-4K-DD scaler at display zones not only nullifies the threat of disparity between multiple screens of different resolution capabilities whilst maintaining source resolution.

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