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EV Charger Indoor Level-2 Watt-Station Wall Mount

EV Charger Indoor Level-2 Watt-Station Wall Mount

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  • $ 59900

Designed for a wall mount application . 18 ft. cord wraps conveniently around the unit keeping it organized and off of the ground . Features a NEMA 1 (indoor) durable non-metallic exterior and is hard wired, this unit does not feature an on/off button, it can only be turned off via the circuit breaker . Green backlit charging icon will illuminate to signal that the vehicle is charging and a red backlit icon illuminates to signal a fault has been detected . LED light surrounds the connector inlet and will illuminate white when the charging station is powered on . 2 piece mounting bracket designed for single personal installation and removal . Enclosure lock is featured on the mounting brackets to prevent unwanted removal of the enclosure from the wall . Features nuisance tripping avoidance and auto re-closure . Contains a vehicle ground monitoring circuit . Meets all of the following standards compliances: SAE J1772; NEC 625; UL 2231, 2251, 2594; NEMA and NIST; CUL 2594 and 2231 . Made in USA

The GE Watt-Station Wall Mount EV charger is suitable for residential indoor locations. The GE Watt-Station Wall Mount offers Level II charging, which is capable of reducing charge time from 12-18 hours to 4-8 hours, with service needs of 208-240-Volt AC at 30 Amp assuming a 24 kWh battery and a full-cycle charge. GE Watt Station has a wide variety of features that make it reliable and beneficial to users in many different contexts.

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