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EV charger Level-2 Watt-Station Pedestal with Network Connect

EV charger Level-2 Watt-Station Pedestal with Network Connect

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Features wireless communication (3G) to GE's cloud based watt-station connect network. For a limited time GE is offering 1st year of connect service free with purchase of the EVWPR3GZXXGB. You can perform access control utilizing RFID technology . Features a sleek and modern design . Watt-station pedestal's integrated hardware and software solution can help manage your charging stations remotely, generate valuable reports and engage with customers in new and meaningful ways . Watt-station has a wide variety of features that make it reliable and beneficial to users in many different contexts . Can be set up for point of sale utilizing PayPal and GE's watt-station Smartphone app . Features a unique intelligent retractable cord management system ensuring that the 16 in. cord is easy and safe to stow away from pedestrian walkways . Sleek user interface and LED indicator lights offer users a simple and clear way to identify when the watt-station is available or charging an EV . Intended for commercial and industrial applications . Meets all of the following standards compliances: SAE J1772; NEC 625; UL 2231, 2251, 2594; NEMA and NIST; CUL 2594 and 2231. cETL

The GE Watt-Station Pedestal EV charger with Network Connect is suitable for commercial locations. The GE Watt-Station Pedestal offers Level II charging, which is capable of reducing charge time from 12-18 hours to 4-8 hours, with service needs of 208-240-Volt AC - 7.2kW 30 Amp.

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