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2-Light Thermoplastic LED Emergency Unit

2-Light Thermoplastic LED Emergency Unit

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  • $ 22000

Intelligent 2-wire input . External push-to-test switch and AC-on indicator which also flashes trouble codes for “battery disconnects” or “charger fault” . AC lock-out circuit . Low voltage battery disconnect . Conduit entry knock-out located at the top center and upper half of each side . Micro-controller based 3-stage charger which charges battery within 24 hours

The EVHC12-06L is a high Lumen output emergency lighting unit designed for high mounting height applications. The EVHC12-06L has a flame-rated, UV stable thermoplastic housing and a lightly textured white finish. Integral LED based lamp-heads are fully adjustable. Unit provides a full 90 minutes of emergency lighting. Includes microcontroller based 3-stage charger and Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. The EVHC12-06L accepts 120 through 277VAC input at 50 or 60Hz, providing 546 Lumens of light output.

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