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Safety+PLUS 3/8 in. OD Flare x 3/8 in. Female Flare (1/2 in. MIP) Excess Flow Valve (48,000 BTU Max)

Safety+PLUS 3/8 in. OD Flare x 3/8 in. Female Flare (1/2 in. MIP) Excess Flow Valve (48,000 BTU Max)

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Safety+PLUS Excess Flow Valve protects against gas fires and explosions. Directly connects to gas ball valve with 3/8 in. OD male flare outlet . Use with 1/2 in. OD gas connectors for moderate demand appliances such as a standard gas ranges, water heater or dryer . Safety+PLUS valve installs like a standard gas fitting. Can be installed in vertical or horizontal position . Safety+PLUS valve features automatic activation and reset . Safety+PLUS valve is 100% factory performance tested . Body manufactured from solid brass bar stock . Use with natural and LP (propane) gases . Approved for indoor and outdoor use . Temperature rating: 32° to 150° F . Pressure rating: 1/2 psi maximum . Designed, machined and assembled in the USA . IAPMO and CSA certified

In the event of a gas line rupture or disconnect, the Safety+PLUS Excess Flow Valve restricts gas flow at the appliance to a non-hazardous level. This immediate action helps avert the potential for a dangerous release of gas into the home. Gas flow is controlled at the appliance where the problem occurred; the rest of the home's system will continue to function. Once the gas line is properly repaired, the Safety+PLUS valve automatically resets, resuming gas flow to the appliance. The Safety+PLUS valve’s patented magnet-based technology offers distinct advantages over spring-actuated devices. BrassCraft’s magnet technology employs no parts that can wear, break or misalign over time. Magnets suffer no memory loss due to metal fatigue. And valve activation is not gravity dependent, so it can be installed in either a horizontal or vertical position. For use with natural, manufactured, mixed, liquefied petroleum gases and LP gas-air mixtures. Excess Flow Valve is used with 3/8 in. OD gas connectors for appliances with larger BTU demands such as a standard dryer, gas log fireplace or space heaters. Directly connects to gas ball valves with a 3/8 in. O.D. male flare outlet.

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