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13 Gal. Tall Kitchen Trash Bag (24-Count) (6 Boxes)

13 Gal. Tall Kitchen Trash Bag (24-Count) (6 Boxes)

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  • $ 5999

Our EcoSmart bags have an infinite shelf life, which no other eco-friendly company can claim . Unlike our competitors, moisture, light, nor heat change the structure of the bag, thus ensuring consistent quality without regard to shelf life . Typical compost time is 4 to 7 months . All ingredients meet GRAS guidelines . Verified and tested under various ASTM international test standards for safety and biodegradability, through third party, independent laboratories

EcoSmart bags are unscented and eco-friendly premium trash bags. Our ESB line has benefits such as biodegradability and compostability in 1 to 7 years. In addition, the rip-proof strength and natural ingredients exemplify the highest quality standard.

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