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32 oz. All Purpose Remover

32 oz. All Purpose Remover

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Always shake well before use and test on small inconspicuous area . Let it set, dwell time can be as short as seconds for ink or minutes for paint drips and glue residue . Test the area from time to time with a scrub pad to see when it is ready, when the coating comes off easily, remove with a scrub pad and water . Safe for indoor use with no special ventilation

EZ Strip All Purpose Remover is a fast acting spray gel stripper. EZ Strip advanced non-toxic formula can be used effectively on virtually all surfaces. Remove all types of paint spill and overspray, graffiti, decal residue, markers and ink, gum, adhesive and glue residues, tree pitch, stickers, bugs and tar and just tough sticky stuff. Gets the dirty jobs done.

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