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Vapor Boss Residential Vapor Steam Cleaner

Vapor Boss Residential Vapor Steam Cleaner

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  • $ 69500

Built with 10 year duty cycle commercial grade parts to last many years in your home . Finger tip trigger steam control on hose, high, medium, and low settings . Over 20 accessories to meet all your cleaning needs . Easily clean tile and grout removing years of build up in just seconds . All accessories available at High Quality or US Steam . High Quality Protection Plan:

Steam cleaning has been used throughout Europe for decades; US Steam was one the first to bring the application of steam cleaning to the United States. Our Vapor Boss ES500 system produces vapor steam at temperatures that will sanitize surfaces. Sanitizing steam will penetrate deep into the pores of surfaces to remove dirt, grease and grime. Making the ES500 ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms, and other places around the house where dirt and germs collect. High quality steam is important for allergy sufferers, and those sensitive to chemicals, steam cleaning provides a safe alternative to traditional cleaning methods to clean and sanitize your home. Unit holds 2 liters of water and will clean up to 2.5 hours, all metal contsruction, 8ft hose, heavy duty residential use.

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