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Eurosteam Commercial Vapor Steam Cleaner

Eurosteam Commercial Vapor Steam Cleaner

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ES1900 can be used 8 + hours per day in commercial environments . Kitchens: floors, tile, vinyl, wood, marble, floors, sinks, stovetop, oven interior, countertops, cabinets, drawer facings, corners, crevices, refrigerator . Bathrooms: Toilets, faucets, bathtub, showers, tile grout, mirrors, glass, windows, window sills, and thresholds and unplug drains . Bedrooms: Kill bed bugs, dustmite and clean mattress, drapes, spots in carpets, floors . Automobiles: Wheels, upholstery, air conditioning/heating vents, dashboards, exterior, removes bugs and cleans windshields, clean boat upholstery, decks, windows, hull . Clean pet areas beds, remove pet hair from carpet, kill fleas . High Quality Protection Plan:

US Steam ES1900 is a totally stainless steel unit, it has a steel cabled hose with industrial cover built for heavy commercial use. The boiler produces a temperature of 316 which delivers up to 230 dry steams at the end of a 12 foot hose. Finger tip High, Medium, Low controls allow surface cleaning temperatures between 185 to 245. All internal connections are copper tubing with brass-threaded fittings for durability and safety. Boiler is two piece stainless steel surgically welded, with a PSI rating of 1,000. Industries healthcare [Hospitals, Assisted Living, Nursing Homes] durable medical equipment, food service and restaurants, hospitality, athletic facilities, auto detailing, all janitorial needs

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