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Phone Works Laser Level and Stud Sensor

Phone Works Laser Level and Stud Sensor

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Laser level: turns your smartphone into a crosshair laser level . Laser level: uses your smartphone’s sensors for level detection . Laser level: displays images and measurements on your smartphone screen . Laser level: match angles and create custom angle settings . Stud sensor: uses smartphone controlled calibration to locate studs under drywall up to 3/4 in. . Stud sensor: calculates center stud within 1/8 in. . Stud sensor: features a built-in, 1-handed stud marker for no-mess stud marking . Stud sensor: shows live tracking of stud location from your smartphone screen . Optimized for iPhone (OS 6.0 or later) and most Android phones (version 4.0 or later) . App available on the app store and Google play . Launch the phone works app on your smartphone before connecting the device to your phone; make sure the phone volume all the way up before starting . Includes: (1) ES1600 laser level, (1) phone mount clip, (1) AAA battery and (1) ES5500 stud finder and (1) AAA battery

Find level locate center stud with more confidence and functionality than ever before. The cutting-edge Ryobi Phone Works mobile app and Laser Level and Stud Finder devices harness the power of your smartphone to produce level lines and transform your smartphone into a smart stud finder. The Laser Level device plugs into your headphone jack and projects a crosshair laser line, and the free app transforms your phone’s screen into a digital display of your project. The high-definition display shows measurement data and allows you to match and customize angles. When you have the data you need, the app lets you capture, store and send data/images for an easier way to manage your projects. The stud-scanning device attaches to your phone’s audio port and sends an image to your phone screen to let you locate studs behind drywall up to 3/4 in. thick. The free mobile app displays the image and notifies you when center stud is reached within 1/8 in. Simply press the 1-handed, no-mess marker on the device to discretely note the spot you need.

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