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Phone Works Laser Distance Measurer and IR Thermometer

Phone Works Laser Distance Measurer and IR Thermometer

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Laser distance measurer: measures distances within 1/16 in. accuracy at 90 ft. . Laser distance measurer: offers length, area, volume, indirect and continuous measurement functions . Laser distance measurer: displays images with digital measurement data on your smartphone screen . Laser distance measurer: features imperial or metric, decimal or fraction measurement options . Infrared thermometer: measures temperatures between -22°F and 662°F . Infrared thermometer: tracks surface temperatures in real time . Infrared thermometer: allows you to set a temperature range and alerts . Infrared thermometer: displays images with digital temperature read-outs from your smartphone screen . Optimized for iPhone (OS 6.0 or later) and most Android phones (version 4.0 or later) . Launch phone works app on your smartphone before connecting to the device, make sure your phone’s volume is all the way up while connected . App available on the app store and Google play . Includes:(1)ES1000 laser distance measure, (1) phone mount clip, (2) AAA batteries and (1)ES1000 laser distance measure, (1) phone mount clip, and (2) AAA batteries

Measure distance and surface temperatures with more confidence and functionality than ever before. Ryobi Phone Works has the innovation to transform your phone with the Phone Works mobile app and Laser Distance Measurer and Infrared Thermometer devices. Everything a traditional laser measurer does, this cutting-edge Phone Works system uses your smartphone to do it better. You can also capture high-definition images and videos, share measurements through email and social networks, and create files of each project for future reference. The Ryobi Phone Works system harnesses your smartphone’s technology to take temperature measurements between -22°F and 662°F in real time, set temperature ranges with alert function, and switch easily between Celsius/Fahrenheit readings.

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