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Euro Style 8 ft. Heavy Duty Gate Post Kit

Euro Style 8 ft. Heavy Duty Gate Post Kit

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  • $ 13800

Easy installation with the adjustable gate frame kit . Strong, heavier weight, durable, and low maintenance . Can be used as a "lone soldier" to hang a gate . Aluminum is UV protected . Very easy to install Euro Style horizontal fencing with these post kits . Kit includes channel cover and post cap

The 8 ft. tall gate post kit, for use with gates up to 6 ft. tall, is a member of the Euro Style composite/aluminum fence family. It is used as both the "hanging" post and the "latch" post on both sides of a Euro Style Gate. It can also be used on any post requiring additional strength for fence support. This strong, heavy duty aluminum gate post allows the gate to swing freely without drag or sag. Minimal maintenance required to sustain the products rich appearance.

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