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160° Black Outdoor Motion Activity Self-Contained LED Solar Light Security/Flood/Spot Light

160° Black Outdoor Motion Activity Self-Contained LED Solar Light Security/Flood/Spot Light

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Pure digital solar/hybrid lighting engine, model EE860DDC is the equivalent of an 80-Watt incandescent lamp in brightness when it is motion activated . True "dusk-to dawn" lighting with up to 40 plus hours of continuous 'moon-glow' illumination even during inclement weather conditions without sunshine . eLEDing brand "smart" feature with "on as smart on" provides all night "moon-glow" lighting and amplifies light out-put upon detecting human movement . Environmentally friendly lithium battery uses our intelligent power management (IPM) to provide "smart", reliable, green energy solar lighting . Easy DIY installation, motion sensing coverage and illumination direction are easily adjustable, operation temp: -4°F (-20°C) to +125°F (52°C) . Embedded with advanced ePIR that provides ‘pure digital’ motion detection, the motion detection range/coverage can be adjusted up to 45 ft. x 45 ft. x 160°, and provides remarkable stability and sensing performance in outdoor or indoor applications . Installation is easy DIY and the self-contained solar light can be installed in minutes, this light can easily be positioned to receive maximum sun light with the light projecting in the direction desired; mounting can be horizontal or vertical . Light features an adjustable light dimming profile for indoor or outdoor recreational reading illumination, it also has an auxiliary solar panel plug to extend its sunlight exposure capability, extra solar panel and 15 ft. cord is an option . Renewable green energy solar light is highly reliable and designed with very user friendly functionality, it offers many practical uses for residential, recreational, commercial, industrial, outdoor and indoor applications . eLEDing brand smart solar lights with other worldwide patents issued and pending, our California corporate office provides customer care and technical support . High Quality Protection Plan:

Model EE860DDC, Black color (Self Contained Solar Light) - Green Energy, "eliding" brand by EESGI with patented Smart Solar Lighting Technology and unique industry defining new features for solar lighting products. These features are superior to any other solar lights and they include. 1) Outstanding safety and security lighting from a brightness level achieved with 60 LEDs providing up to an 80-Watt bulb on peak with wide area soft illumination quality. 2) Extended continuous illumination up to 40 plus hours (even without sunshine) using our exclusive Intelligence Power Management (IPM) system for regulating battery power usage. It is the only non-AC (no electrical wiring) solar light product capable of true Dusk-to-Dawn lighting with its "On as Smart On" profile. 3) Unique "SMART ON" not only provides Dusk-to-Dawn illumination, but on sensing human movement it amplifies to it brightest level for the lighting delay time period that has been set for the light and then it auto-gradually dims back down to its "Moon-Glow" lighting mode. The lighting delay time is adjustable from 10 to 180 seconds in the "bright" lighting motion detected mode. 4) "Eliding" features a durable 3-Watt capacity industrial grade solar panel that collects more sunlight which creates a greater battery reserve to overcome cloudy or inclement weather days when there is limited direct sun on the panel. 5) It is constructed from highly durable UV resistant and impact resistant Polycarbonate plastic (PC).

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