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160° White Motion Sensing Outdoor/Indoor LED Solar Security/Flood/Spot Light

160° White Motion Sensing Outdoor/Indoor LED Solar Security/Flood/Spot Light

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Very reliable and user friendly designed smart light that provides an outstanding level of brightness with a 60 LED matrix array, adjustable control functions provide wide area coverage degrees (up to 180H x 140-Volt) with pure white style lighting quality . Exclusive intelligent power management (IPM) for lithium battery power management enables this light to provide continuous illumination for up to 40 plus hours, it is capable of true dusk-to-dawn lighting even during winter season . Smart on provides a reasonable brightness level all night long with its moonlight profile without disturbing neighbors, and when motion is detected it provides max-brightness illumination for security and safety protection for your property all night . Equipped with a larger than average solar panel (3-Watt capacity) that provides superior solar energy collection, this enables the light to continue providing all night lighting even during periods of cloudy days and poor sunlight seasons . Rugged weatherproof (IP54) design with a lightweight polycarbonate (PC) built body that gives this self-contained light/solar panel higher durability, an increased level of impact-resistance and a very high level of UV resistance for outdoor applications . Embedded with advanced ePIR technology that provides pure digital motion detection, the motion detection range/coverage can be adjusted up to 45 ft. x 45 ft. x 180°, it provides remarkable stability and sensing performance in outdoor applications . Installation is easy DIY and the self-contained solar light can be installed in minutes; this light can easily be positioned to receive maximum sun-light collection with the light projecting in the direction desired . Light features an adjustable light dimming profile feature for indoor or outdoor recreational reading illumination . Renewable green energy solar light is highly reliable and designed with very user friendly functionality, it offers many practical uses for residential, recreational, commercial, industrial, outdoor and indoor applications . eLEDing brand smart solar lights with other worldwide patents issued and pending, our California corporate office provides customer care and technical support . High Quality Protection Plan:

Model EE860DDC, eLEDing, Renewable Green Energy Solar Light. This Smart Solar Lighting Technology provides excellent illumination and with its true Dusk to Dawn capability it is a significant improvement in solar lighting as compared with other solar lights. This Self-Contained light is embedded with a patented pure digital solar/hybrid lighting engine. When motion is detected the light provides a full brightness level equivalent of up to an 80-Watt plus (on peak) incandescent lamp. The light has 2 modes of operation. The AUTO mode lights up only when motion is detected. This mode is used as a traditional security/safety lighting function, it detects motion within the range set and has selectable illuminating delay time settings for the light to be ON (from 5 to 180 seconds). And it offers up to 40+ hours of continuous lighting in the SMART/ON mode (recommended operating mode). This mode provides true Dusk to Dawn lighting with a Moonlight lighting profile to maintain soft lighting illumination all night long. It also lights up to the full brightness level when motion is detected. This is a highly reliable and compactly built solar light. It uses an environmentally friendly lithium-based battery that operates under a software management system. It can be used for outdoor or indoor illumination needs. It is an excellent white light illumination enhancement for security video surveillance systems. Operating temperature range from -4F (-20 C) to +125F (+52C).

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