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Water Valve

Water Valve

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  • $ 5999

Smart watering: Edyn waters your plants based on the weather and our database of over 5,000 plants. No more running your sprinklers in the rain. . Wi-Fi connected: Easily control your Water Valve through the corresponding Edyn app. Stay connected to your garden from anywhere. . Responsive scheduling: Efficiently manage your water usage. Set the time of day and maximum duration through your smartphone. . Made to live outdoors, just like plants: Edyn is resistant to sun, rain, moisture, common fertilizers, and pesticides. Rechargeable battery is solar-powered. . Monitor real-time conditions: Add the Edyn Garden Sensor to continuously monitor environmental conditions in your garden, including soil moisture.

The Edyn Water Valve tailors watering to perfectly fit your plants’ needs. It automatically controls your existing irrigation system based on the local weather forecast, the plants you have in your garden, and data collected from the Edyn Garden Sensor. It connects to your Wi-Fi network so you can control from anywhere using your smartphone. Save water, lower your utility bills, and never worry about thirsty plants again.

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