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5 Qt. Absorbent Magnum

5 Qt. Absorbent Magnum

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Color indicator identifies whether the spilled substance is an acid or a base, the absorbent turns red for an acid and blue for a base . Color indicator turns the absorbed substance a brownish green color informing you that the chemical has been neutralized . Convenient size for small to moderate spills around the home, office, warehouse, or job site . Works quickly and absorbs completely to render the area safe so you can get back to work . Federal and local laws must still be followed for the disposal of absorbed hazardous materials

The Eco-Absorb Acid/Base Neutralizing Formula is specially formulated to detect, neutralize and instantly absorb both acids and bases with just one product. This 5 Qt. Bottle is just the solution for small to moderate chemical spills around the office, warehouse, or chemical transportation vehicles.

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