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WC Wunder White Bristleless Brush with Holder

WC Wunder White Bristleless Brush with Holder

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  • $ 4380

Bristle-less head . Flexible head to go under and in hidden areas . Made in Germany . Long handle

The Toilet Concierge Wunder Antimicrobial Toilet Bowl Brush, first antimicrobial, brush-less toilet brush which is drip resistant and helps prevent dirt and grime sticking to the brush. This Toilet Bowl Brush with its flexible antimicrobial silicone head, deep cleans around and under the rim and under and around many seen and unseen areas of the U-bend and toilet bowl. Antimicrobial sanitizing action in the handle and in the cleaning pad. Helping to kill more germs and bacteria in one action. Non-stick and anti-adhesion properties incorporated into the brush head - unlike the traditional brush head which can annoyingly collect waste and paper and create more work with its standard bristle head, this Toilet Bowl Brush with its ergonomically designed pad is shaped to remove water stains and other containment even below the water line. Three (3) year limited manufacturers warranty against defects and workmanship.

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