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10 lb. DynaDirt Aquatic Planting Soil Bag

10 lb. DynaDirt Aquatic Planting Soil Bag

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DynaDirt has been used for over 20 years to grow aquatic plants by growers in Florida and Georgia, its long term use reflects a reliable and successful planting mix, proven to be a valuable mix for growers and pond keepers . Soil works best when dampened, not soaked, before planting, you never want to put soil above the crown of a plant, instead, leave a slight bit of the crown above the soil's surface . Always place a 1/4 in. or so, of sand to "top off" your planting, if you have large fish, you may consider topping off with pea gravel - the larger the fish, the larger size of pea gravel . Freshly potted plants should be placed in shallow water to start with, this will give your plants time to get well rooted and for the soil to settle without "fishy" interference, 2 weeks should be sufficient time" . Koi fish are notorious for uprooting pond plants, during mating season they can absolutely create a mud pit of your pond given access to freshly planted plants, beware give newly potted plants as much time, 3 to 4 weeks, to get established in your container before introducing them into a Koi pond

This is The Real Deal DynaDirt is a true aquatic soil that is a natural mix made up of Florida reed sedge peat and sand. This makes for a very "heavy" soil great for aquatic plants. Ideal for all aquatic plants from water lilies to bogs/marginals.

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