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6-1/2 in. 36-Tooth Aluminum Cutting Blade

6-1/2 in. 36-Tooth Aluminum Cutting Blade

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  • $ 1847

Ultra-thin kerf blade for fast cutting . Anti-stick rim reduces friction and gum-up . Professional quality cordless ultra-thin kerfs saw blades specifically engineered to optimize cutting performance and maximize the number of cuts per charge of all dewalt 6-1/2 in. cordless saws . 30 Day money back guarantee

Engineered to cut all light-gauge non-ferrous metals, the blade has modified ATB (Alternate Top Bevel) tooth geometry for fast, burr-free cuts. Its titanium carbide teeth disperse heat quickly and produce smooth, precise cuts. And, each tooth is triple-foil brazed to absorb stress and reduce chipping.

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