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Miter Saw Laser System

Miter Saw Laser System

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  • $ 6900

Includes the power supply, laser module and adjustment wrench . Upper guard mount location line visibility through the entire range of motion . On/off switch to operate the laser with or without the blade spinning . Easy to install and calibrate in approximately 10 minutes . Does not require batteries since it is powered by the saw . Designed exclusively for use on the DW713 (type 1), DW715 (types 1 and 2), DW716 (types 1-4), DW717 (all types) and DW718 (all types) . Please note: It will not fit any other DEWALT miter saw or brand. . 3-year limited manufacturer warranty . 90-day money-back guarantee . High Quality Protection Plan:

The DEWALT Miter Saw Laser System features an accurate adjustable laser line that allows you to move it to the left or right side of the blade. The bright laser line delivers enhanced visibility in low- and high-light locations. In addition, the diode is well positioned to provide long-term durability while keeping the laser diode clear and visible.

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