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High Definition Spy Pen DVR with 4GB Memory

High Definition Spy Pen DVR with 4GB Memory

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  • $ 9900

Tiny size and discreet look makes it ideal for otherwise impossible recording opportunities . Color video allows you to clearly make out images . Video resolution: 1280 x 720 30fps . Storage: internal 4GB . Battery life: up to 2 hours . High Quality Protection Plan:

This black and gold ball point pen hides a high definition spy camera. Easy to use - push the button on the top and the digital video begins to record onto the built-in 4GB memory chip. The USB port is hidden inside the pen for data retrieval and charging the device. This spy pen records up to two hours on a full charge. Not just for spies - psychological research shows that students will forget 20% of their lectures within hours. It can also be a great asset to people attending conferences, business meetings, and presentations.

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