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Room air purifier & sanitizes which eliminates odors & kills virus / bacteria / provides fresh clean indoor treated air

Room air purifier & sanitizes which eliminates odors & kills virus / bacteria / provides fresh clean indoor treated air

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  • $ 18500

99% elimination of MRSA, flu virus, streptococcus, tuberculosis and more . Perfect for kitty litter rooms to control odor . No fan which provides silent operation . No moving parts and no maintenance . No filters or cartridges to change out . Only active air purification system that goes out after contaminants . Uses only 11 watt of power for low cost operation . Night light for babies room while keeping the room sanitized . 115 volt operation . Easily moved from room to room . Conforms to UL 867, CSA 22.2 . Winner of two national indoor air quality technology awards . Controls the spread of cold and flu virus . High Quality Protection Plan:

The Guardian Air Desktop air purification system is the perfect fit for kitchens, pet areas, basements, nurseries or anywhere there are unwanted odors or other contaminants. The RGF Desktop is a freestanding product that can be plugged in to any 115 volt household circuit and can be moved from room to room. The unit goes right to work actively producing hydro peroxides that sanitizes and eliminates contaminants in the air. There are no moving parts in this product so it insures whisper quiet operation while working hard cleansing the air we breathe. The Guardian Air Desktop by RGF is designed to eliminate sick building syndrome risks by reducing odors, air pollutants, VOCs (chemical odors), smoke, mold spores, bacteria and viruses. The PHI Cell improves air quality in any indoor environment with fresh, clean, odor free air. Hydrogen peroxide is a naturally occurring element in our atmosphere that gives us that country clean smell. How does the RGF patented process work, our units have a broad spectrum UV (Ultra Violet) light that reacts off of rare catalytic metals on a surface surrounding the bulb. This reaction creates an Oxygen atom, which changes the molecule of water (humidity) from H2O to H2O2 which is Hydrogen Peroxide. This vaporized hydrogen peroxide wants to attach itself to any virus, bacteria, odor or mold spore which organically changes the contaminate, killing it. This is the perfect solution for indoor air quality (IAQ) for any room or office.

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