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6-Stalk Straight Bamboo

6-Stalk Straight Bamboo

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6-Stalk Straight Bamboo, or Lucky Bamboo, is non-flowering . Botanical name: Dracaena sanderiana . Staggered stalk heights are unique . Many Asians associate bamboo with good fortune . For best results, place this plant near windows facing southeast or west, if you do not have a place for your tree to receive adequate sunlight, use a grow light for 10 - 12 hours daily . Includes a square glass container and a tan river rock and proper care brochure

The Brussel's Bonsai 6-Stalk Straight Bamboo is a unique plant that is elegant and extremely easy to grow. Simply secure the canes in the decorative rock and fill the container with water. This plant will thrive in all light conditions and the water should be replaced routinely. The Chinese call this plant Lucky Bamboo and believe it brings good fortune.

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