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235 CFM Power Wall Mount Garage Vent

235 CFM Power Wall Mount Garage Vent

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  • $ 27300

Moves 235 CFM with 90-Watt motor, energy efficient . Easy to install, energy efficient and completely maintenance free . Features a powerful external rotor motor plus a built-in spring loaded backdraft damper preventing insects from entering duct work . UL listed . Interior grille not included . 235 CFM . Breathe easy when the DR150 garage vent exhales hot, humid, toxic air from your attached garage . Remove unhealthy fumes from gasoline, fertilizer, paints, pesticides and auto exhaust from your attached garage . 3-Year limited warranty . Interior grille included . High Quality Protection Plan:

Ventilate your Attached Garage with the DR150 garage vent. Garages attached to houses are used to store all sorts of hazardous products that you would not want to store in your home. Volatile liquids such as paints, gasoline and oil for the lawn mower, cleaners, charcoal starter fluid and propane all add their fumes to the toxic soup of unhealthy air waiting to seep into your home. This could be the unhealthiest air you and your family will ever breathe. Green building and healthy home programs everywhere recommend using a garage vent.

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