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2.7 in. LCD Screen Dash Camera With GPS Support

2.7 in. LCD Screen Dash Camera With GPS Support

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  • $ 19995

Continuously records video from drivers perspective . Tracks vehicle locations in real time . Tracking information can be transmitted over cellular networks to allow off-site monitoring . Built-in, world-wide live GPS updates . Organize and track multiple vehicles on your desktop, android and iOS devices . Set geo-fences to send alerts when movement outside of boundaries is detected . Set alarms for speed and emergency alerts . 5Hz GPS processor for accurate measure of speed and position . 1080p video resolution . Camera with f/1.6 apperture for low-light opeation

Be blown away with the video quality in the LS360W. Low light video at night has never been better with the addition of a Sony Exmor Sensor. Have the footage you need under the most challenging of conditions.

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