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25 lb. Green Reflective Tempered Fire Glass

25 lb. Green Reflective Tempered Fire Glass

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  • $ 5499

100% Recycled, Glass will not melt, degrade or produce toxic fumes . Glass size -1/4 " or 7-12 mm . 0.33 cu. ft. bag, coverage area 1.16 sq. ft. . Rectangular fireplace / fire pit (length x depth x glass height) / 19 = glass (lbs.) . Round fireplace / fire pit (diameter x diameter x glass height) / 24 = glass (lbs.)

Reflective tempered fire glass is ideal for all propane or natural gas fire applications. All recycled glass pieces are tempered to withstand the most extreme temperatures and richly colored to appeal to all indoor and outdoor venues. Feature reflective tempered Dragon Glass in Fire Places and Fire Pits to impress all with its durability, charm, and decor.

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