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Grizzly Ducting Kit with Hangers-Adjustable Airflow Gate

Grizzly Ducting Kit with Hangers-Adjustable Airflow Gate

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  • $ 17502

The three (8) ft. long quality flexible vinyl hoses connect to the adapter and each have an individual fully adjustable air flow control gate . At the end of every duct, airflow gates come standard with hangers to allow the flexibility to hang the ducting . Industrial grade clasps on the ducting kit housing allow the DDK to be tightly attached to the Grizzly line of air movers and dryers . Airflow gates on all 3 ducts come standard with adjustable knobs to allow you to fully control the desired amount of air flow

The Grizzly Ducting Kit has been specifically designed to fit any Grizzly Air Mover/Dryer. Especially useful to direct air flow to areas that cannot be reached by a free-standing dryer, the ducting kit allows the flexibility to direct airflow in 3 different directions at 1 time.

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