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2.5 in. Direct Drive Cut-Off Attachment

2.5 in. Direct Drive Cut-Off Attachment

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  • $ 1997

Cast aluminum guard for greater durability . 3/4 in. cutting depth for greater versatility . Rotozip connect interface for quick attachment and adjustment . 50% faster than an angle grinder and 50% greater cutting capacity than a rotary tool . Specifications - compatibility: Rotozip connect spiral saw tools, speed rating: 30,000 RPM maximum, wheel diameter: 2-1/2 in., cutting depth: 3/4 in.

The Rotozip direct drive attachment is specially designed for making difficult cuts in tight spaces. High performance cutting wheels mount directly to the spiral saw tool, giving you cutting access to places other tools can't reach. Spinning at 30,000 RPM, the wheels spin 50% faster than a conventional 4-1/2 angle grinder for lightning fast cut-offs. At 2-1/2 in., they also have 50% greater cutting capacity than a standard rotary tool, resulting in greater versatility and longer wheel life. Using the Rotozip connect interface, the attachment can mount in multiple positions directly to your RZ1500 or RZ2000 spiral saw tool. A cast aluminum guard stands up to abuse, keeping you safe from sparks and debris. Quickly cut through steel, copper or plastic, all with a single cutting wheel.

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