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Rugged Video Inspection Camera System 12 mm Probe, 3.5 in. Screen with Case, Drop Proof

Rugged Video Inspection Camera System 12 mm Probe, 3.5 in. Screen with Case, Drop Proof

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Big, bright color LCD for crystal-clear real-time video imaging . 12 mm (0.47 in.) Dia x 1 m (39 in.) long camera-tipped probe is thin enough to fit into very narrow spaces . Includes blow-moulded carry case for storage . 2 m and 3 m long, 9 mm Dia probes are available; super thin 5.5 mm Dia probes in 1 m, 2 m and 3 m lengths are also optionally available . Probe is flexible obedient, meaning it retains its shape . All probes are oil-proof, waterproof and dust-proof to IP67 standard . Wand-type grip and monitor are IP54 splash-proof . Adjustable LEDs in the camera head illuminate dark areas . Unit is drop resistant to 1 m height and comes in a protective hard case . Invert what you see 180° to read labels right-side up and zoom video up to 200% to show details . 1-handed operation frees your other hand to use other tools . AV out jack enables video connection to any NTSC television . Includes four useful probe tip accessories . Requires One 9 Volt Battery (not included) . High Quality Protection Plan:

The Heavy Duty Video Inspection Camera System is a rugged non-recording video scope featuring a 12 mm diameter probe, image flip and video zoom. It is built to survive and thrive in the harsh environment of automotive maintenance and repair. Its thermoplastic rubber (TPR) grip and integral LCD are drop-resistant to a height of 1 m (3.3 ft.). The system can be operated with 1 hand, leaving the other hand free to use tools. The grip and LCD get their input from a camera-tipped probe. It's ideal for inspecting gasoline engine cylinders through the spark plug hole. Five control buttons (power on/off, brightness up, brightness down, video zoom and video flip) make it very easy to learn to use. Video within the probe’s field of view is displayed on a 3.5 in. color LCD. Alternatively, video can be viewed on an NTSC-format television by plugging an included cable into a jack on the back of the grip. The video 2x zoom and flip functions make the system a valuable inspection tool. Flip function makes it easier to read upside-down labels and serial numbers by flipping them right side up. Includes four accessories sized for the tip of the 12 mm probe: a 45 mirror, a pickup hook, a magnetic pickup and a hard plastic protective case along with the user’s manual

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