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1800-Watt Twist Lock Digital Timer

1800-Watt Twist Lock Digital Timer

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  • $ 5500

World's only patented control with onboard GPS - it knows where it is and when it is . No site specific settings required, fully automatic and always immune to power outages, time zones, time changes, clouds, rain, smoke, snow, sandstorms, birds and overgrown trees . GPS Lightlock knows when and where it is anywhere in the world . For all outdoor lighting technologies . High Quality Protection Plan:

The GPS Lightlock is a fully automatic astronomical timer which gets a time synchronization and Earth position from the GPS Satellite system. It switches outdoor lights at a consistently more opportune time than can be done with photo controls and programmable timers. The GPS Lightlock is the logical replacement when photo controlled timers are replaced every 2.5 -3 years. New LED lighting lasts for 15 years or more, your outdoor light controller should last at least as long, saving as much as 30% in maintenance costs.

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