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14 in. Premium Plus Hard Diamond Blade

14 in. Premium Plus Hard Diamond Blade

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  • $ 9997

Laser weld technology creates exceptional bonding and deep diamond distribution resulting in longer blade life and 20% faster cutting . Advantage of the single step laser weld is less heat stress during manufacturing which forges a stronger blade . Specially segmented gullets in the blade clear the cutting path to provide faster, cleaner, cooler cuts allowing for superior cutting speed through rough materials . Diamond blades appropriate for cutting hard materials such as granite, aged concrete, brick paver, steel reinforced concrete, stone flooring and 5000 PSI concrete are conveniently color coded in silver

Bosch diamond blades for cutting bring the latest technology to the job every day. An improved diamond formulation delivers up to three time’s longer life and faster speed than other standard diamond blades. Each Bosch diamond abrasive blade is the result of joining superior materials with years of engineering excellence. Bosch customers benefit from blades that don't just meet the task, they exceed user expectations.

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