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Americana 2 oz. Brown Sugar Satin Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint

Americana 2 oz. Brown Sugar Satin Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint

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Advanced formula provides excellent adhesion to virtually any surface including glass, ceramic, wood, most plastics, fabric, masonry, metal, canvas, terra cotta, paper and styrofoam . One 2 oz. bottle covers 2-4 sq. ft., depending on surface . Delivers a true satin finish - no varnishes needed . Durable, hard finish that is highly resistant to cleaning chemicals once fully cured . Permanent, lightfast pigments . Get a nice even finish on slick surfaces like glass and metal by using a soft brush to spread out multi-surface satin, then leave to self-level . 100% water-based and non-toxic . Easy soap and water clean up while wet

Americana Multi-Surface Acrylics are premium, all-surface, indoor/outdoor, satin finish paints with excellent coverage. They are self-sealing, so no primer or varnish is required. These Multi-Surface Satin Paints provide superior adhesion on all surfaces, including glass, which can be baked for a dishwasher-safe finish - see packaging for instructions.

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