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PowerSquid 5-Outlet Surge Protector and Power Conditioner

PowerSquid 5-Outlet Surge Protector and Power Conditioner

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  • $ 2799

EMI/RFI noise reduction up to 40 dB from 150 KHz to 100 MHz . 1080 joules of protection . Recessed master power button prevents accidental switching . 15 Amp circuit breaker for safety . Rugged ABS casing . Meets UL 1449 3rd edition safety standards . Wall mountable . Three 14-gauge power cord . 5-year $100,000 connected equipment limited warranty . Noise filtration . High Quality Protection Plan:

The PowerSquid Surge Protector and Power Conditioner is the safe and easy way to provide 1080 joules of surge protection to your sensitive electronics. The PowerSquid accommodates up to 5 bulky transformer plugs with ease, providing more flexibility than a standard surge protector. The PowerSquid Noise Reduction Filter reduces line static caused by "dirty" power. Line noise and electrical static can show up as snow in your picture or as crackling in your audio. The filter isolates your equipment from power generated noise for a clear picture and sound. A basic surge protector will continue conducting power even after it’s joule rating has been reached leaving your connected equipment unprotected. When the PowerSquid reaches its maximum joule rating it will stop conducting power, ensuring your connected equipment is not exposed to harmful surges.

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