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11-Piece Full Bit Set

11-Piece Full Bit Set

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Bits designed to fit the carvetight spindle system . Bits are all steel shanks with high quality carbide tips . Packaged in magnetic container that fits to the side of the carvewright machine . Included stop collars for repeatable bit placement

Configured specifically for the CarveWright System, our top quality carbide decorative bits are designed for long-life and precise cutting performance. The bit set includes: 60 degree V bit, 90 degree V bit, 1/4-in. diameter ball nose bit, 1/2-in. diameter ball nose bit, and 3/8-in. Diameter straight bit, 3/8-in. radius classic ogee bit, 1/2-in. radius classic ogee bit, 1/8-in. radius roman ogee bit, 3/16-in. radius roman ogee bit, 1/4-in. radius round over bit, 1/2-in. radius round over bit, 1/4 in. split collect. The bit set also includes 6 1/4 in. rubber stops, 5 1/2 in. rubber stops and a magnetic storage box.

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