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54-1/4 in. Milton Running Leaf Ceiling Ring

54-1/4 in. Milton Running Leaf Ceiling Ring

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  • $ 1799

Product needs to be trimmed and fitted together during installation to form a circle . Accent your ceilings with beautiful ceiling rings . Perfect addition to highlight ceiling medallions . Factory primed and ready for paint or faux finish . Can be cut, drilled, glued, or screwed . Modeled after original historical patterns and designs . 54-1/4 in. OD x 50-1/4 in. ID x 2 in. W x 3/4 in. p milton running leaf ceiling ring (1/4 of complete circle)

Ceiling rings are often used in conjunction with ceiling medallions in highlighting focal points like chandeliers and ceiling fans. However, ceiling rings can als be used on the wall to accent mirrors, photos and photo frames.

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