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Micro-Seal 5-gal. Ready to Use Multi Surface Penetrating Water Repellent

Micro-Seal 5-gal. Ready to Use Multi Surface Penetrating Water Repellent

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  • $ 14400

Deep penetrating 100% breathable water repellent for vertical and horizontal surfaces . Stain resistant to oil, gas and anti-freeze for outstanding protection . Coverage depends on the substrate being applied on porous or non-porous coverage range from 60-250 sq. ft. per gallon . Does not alter surface appearance – leaves no surface film, no sheen and will not yellow . Protection not effected by weathering or UV light . Excellent mold and mildew inhibitor – stops growth dead in its tracks . Save money with one coat application and quick 1 hour recoat window for a 2nd coat . Easy application –no need for premixing, spray, brush, or roll according to instructions . Apply in cold weather down to 40°F (4.4°C) and newly poured concrete within 48 hours . Meets Master Painters Institute (MPI) #34 & #117 - water repellent . Meets ASTM C309, Type 1 Class A and B for curing compounds . Online Price includes Paint Care fee in the following states: CA, CO, CT, ME, MN, OR, RI, VT

Protect, restore and extend the life of your project with Micro-Seal Clear Water Repellent. Made from the best water repellent chemicals in the construction market, Micro-Seal is formulated by lending silanes and siloxanes that have long been trusted by architects, engineers and building owners around the globe. A proprietary ingredient called Micro-Lok ensures a long lasting mechanical bond and creates a hydrophobic barrier that is not affected by weathering, salt, dirt, freezing temperatures, UV light and wind-driven rain, among many other damaging elements.

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