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PowerTrip 240-Watt Power Inverter

PowerTrip 240-Watt Power Inverter

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  • $ 4999

240-Watt DC-to-AC inverter . Surge protection . Automatic shutdown . 1 USB charge port (2.1-Amp) . 1 AC power outlet . User-replaceable fuse . High Quality Protection Plan:

The versatile PowerTrip 240 Power Inverter (CPS240PAU) from CyberPower converts your vehicle’s 12-Volt DC power to household AC power to rapidly charge and operate a portable DVD player, laptop computer, digital camera, small power tool, or any mobile device that uses up to 150-Watt of power using the 12-Volt DC power outlet and up to 240-Watt of power using battery clamps (not included) on an automotive battery. The PowerTrip 240 features one AC household outlet and one 2.1-Amp USB power port. Safety features such as a user-replaceable fuse, surge protection, and automatic shutdown protect your connected devices and automotive battery. Other features include a status LED and a 12-Volt DC plug cable. The PowerTrip 240, backed by a two-year limited warranty, is ideal for TV and computer electronics, power tools, cordless chargers, and other accessories that use up to 240-Watt of power.

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