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Own SIM GPS Tracker

Own SIM GPS Tracker

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In SMS mode, the conan will only take position reports when you send it an SMS asking for an update - best used for maximum battery life and updates only when you need them . In motion mode the Conan GPS will automatically activate upon motion and send you location information via SMS, the unit will then continue to give you automatic updates every 5 minutes until it is no longer in motion . In geofence alarm mode, the conan will allow you to set a "safe zone" around the GPS unit and every 5 minutes from that point on the unit will do a check to see if it has crossed that boundary if it has, the conan will automatically alert you via SMS . In speeding alarm mode, the Conan will do automatic polls to check its speed, if the unit crosses the limit you set - it will provide you with an alert and full info . Due to different configurations in carrier networks - some carriers SIM cards may not work properly, a SIM card (not included) capable of operating on a 2G network is required . High Quality Protection Plan:

Our latest GPS unit is the perfect device for people who want simple live tracking without all the fees. The Conan GPS unit can be fully controlled via your cell phone making it easy to use and yet is one of our most flexible units. The Conan GPS can provide you with information in one of 2 ways. The most basic information will send you a text message with a link which provides you with a map and a pinpoint on it showing you where the unit currently is. For those who need more information however you can receive a pure text message that provides you with the following: Latitude and Longitude (manually plot able via the website), speed, direction, time and current battery level of the unit. The Conan also features an SOS button a quick press automatically dials up to 3 pre-set phones sending all of the previously listed info under the heading "HELP", perfect for keeping an eye on your loved ones.

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