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CNS 200-2 E 2000-Watt 240V Wall-Mounted Convection Heater

CNS 200-2 E 2000-Watt 240V Wall-Mounted Convection Heater

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  • $ 17900

Attractive surface-mounted design makes for easy, flexible installation for new construction or as a space-saving alternative for existing baseboard heaters . 240 volts, 2.0 kW . Built in thermostat with selectable temperature range from 41 degrees F - 86 degrees F; works with existing wall-mounted thermostat . Draft-free, silent operation . Overheat protection is built into the unit . Frost protection setting . CNS-E heaters are hard wired . High Quality Protection Plan:

CNS-E wall-mounted convection heaters are a modern heater with a sleek European slim-line design. An effective, efficient replacement for traditional baseboard heaters, CNS-E heaters accomplish the same heating task using significantly less room. CNS-E heaters have no fan. They work though natural convection, ensuring draft-free operation. Cool room air flows in the bottom of the unit, is warmed by the heating element, and rises silently out the top to heat the room. With its built-in thermostat, a single CNS-E is perfect as a stand-alone heating system in bathrooms or small rooms. Multiple CNS-E units can be placed strategically in larger spaces and their temperature settings adjusted individually for maximum comfort. If used to replace an existing heater with a separate wall-mounted thermostat control, CNS-E heaters may be wired to use that control. The CNS-E is designed with a frost protection setting. The lowest thermostat setting maintains the room above freezing temperatures.

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