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0-Gauge Super Roofer

0-Gauge Super Roofer

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Tar Resistant Nose (Patent Pending) nose of the CN445R2 is designed to resist tar four times longer than conventional tools; equates to less time spent cleaning the tool and more productivity . Maintenance free end cap filter (US Patent 5637125) captures dirt and sand down to microns but let’s oil and air into the tool, filter keeps inside parts clean and lasting longer than competitors tools without filters . Dial adjustable depth control, dial depth control requires no special tools, providing accurate depth control . Nose magnet holds last nail in place so it does not drop out of the tool and create a hazard on the roof . Full round driver blade drives nails flat, our competition uses a crescent or moon shaped driver, this causes curling and cupping of the nails and ultimately effects the life of the roof . Trigger lock allows user to lock tool from firing, MAX recommends when not using the tool to disconnect from air source . Weighs only 5.2 lbs. . MAX is known for unique features and high durability design, MAX is the pro contractor's choice . Need help? CLICK HERE to view our Nail Gun Buying Guide . High Quality Protection Plan:

The CN445R2 is the latest version of the MAX Super Roofer. MAX manufactured the first roofing nailer sold in the US market and we continue to improve on our original design. The CN445R2 is lightweight yet very powerful. The CN445R2 features dial adjustable depth control, full round driver blade, rapid fire trigger, inline filter, trigger lock out, magnet in the nose, shingle guide, shoots 3/4 in. to 1-3/4 in. roofing nails and patent pending self cleaning nose. Shoots 3/4 in. to 1-3/4 in. roofing nails.

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